ForestBomb Remake

ForestBomb was the outcome of a Computer Science assignment, and I decided to give it a GUI version. It lacks in features because i was just trying to do a small coding project

Click Here to play the ForestBomb remake

2017, April
Download (Unix Terminal/Console)

Roam the land as you defeat various monsters and their minions while also finding loot on your quest for 100 gold Your lifeforce is dependent on monster guts, so kill monster to regain health, but one false move and they can kill you

Made with a partner for CompSci assignment

A Coin Game I Guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2016, December
Play on GameJolt

Try to be the person who grabs the last coin. Test your logical thinking in this small little puzzle game. Warning game was made in under an hour and one big bug exsists i never fixed.

Forest Bomb
2016, September
Download (Unix Terminal/Console)

You find a bomb in the middle of the forest, and have to hurry up and find out how to defuse it before the whole forest gets destroyed. Traverse the world in this text based adventure solving puzzles to get learn how to defuse the forest bomb.

Play Online.(Flash required)

Mazefinity was a project of mine from 2016 that is a maze game, but I felt gameplay was too stale, so I put it aside and never went back.